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As an essential healthcare provider, our office will remain open unless otherwise directed. We will notify patients if there is any change to this, but we expect to continue to provide care to our patients throughout this time.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, our top priority continues to be your health, safety and well-being. As this virus impacts our community and daily lives, we want to assure you that we are monitoring developments at the national, state and local levels and proactively taking measures in our office to protect our patients and their families.

The following are some of the guidelines we will be implementing to safeguard not only patients, but also staff.  These precautionary actions will help ensure we continue to be able to provide treatment to our patients in the coming weeks.

  • CANCELLATIONS:  Please let our office know if you will not be able to attend your appointment as soon as possible. We have patients currently waiting for appointments and we would like to give them the opportunity to have an earlier appointment.


  • ILLNESS:  If you or anyone in your home is feeling ill or has “cold like” symptoms, please reschedule your appointment or request a telehealth appointment.


  • TELEHEALTH:  We have telehealth options available.  If you cancel your appointment or are unable to come in, please give us a call and Dr. Flournoy can discuss your case with your over the phone or email. We are also creating exercises for patients who prefer to not come into the office.  You can also email Courtney at to request more information on telehealth or call the office at 918-728-8800.



  1.  Our lobby is open, but if you prefer not to sit in the lobby, give us a call when you arrive for your appointment and we will let you know when Dr. Flournoy is ready to see you. 

  2. Children are welcome at your appointments and will need to follow the same guidelines as adults.  If you have children with you for your appointment, please let us know when you’re here and we will let you know when it’s time for your appointment. We would like to keep foot traffic in the office to a minimum – and those little feet want to go everywhere! 

  3. Everyone will be required to have their temperature assessed with a no touch thermometer prior to their appointment. 

  4. All patients will wash their hands upon arrival to the office as well as after your appointment.  We are disinfecting counters, chairs and tables after every patient visit.


  • FINANCIAL HARDSHIP:  Please do not cancel your appointment due to worries about finances.  We understand that, during this time, you may be experiencing some financial worries.  Please give Courtney a call and we will do our best to work with you.  Continuing care and recovery are the most important aspects of your treatment, and we want to make sure you have the best possible chance to get better. 

Please feel free to call or email Performance Care Clinic with any questions or concerns.  For more information, go to

Phone:  918-728-8800

Link to the Oklahoma Chiropractic Board letter stating Chiropractic services are an essential business:

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